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Awesome Products Through Innovation is what BAXTEK Fabrication is all about. The company was started in order to innovate and manufacture functional, problem-solving products for the Automotive Industry. Our company was founded on the question “What if that product could …?”

In 2012, BAXTEK Fabrication was born and with my combined experience in fabrication, design and business I applied them to a couple of new products for the Automotive Industry. With deep Family roots to the industry going back to my Grand Father who worked for the Chrysler Corporation as an Engineer throughout the 50’s and my Father that became a very well recognized Custom Painter and Fabricator that ultimately worked for Metal Flake Inc. the inventors of Metal Flake paint and then went on to work for DieGard Racing, a Grand National/NASCAR Team. In the late 80’s just out of high school me and my family went into business together and opened Baxter Custom Engineering Inc. located in St.Augustine, Florida. The family business specialized in Ceramic Header Coatings and over the next 12 years soon developed a name for one of the best Ceramic Header Coating Companies in the industry, known as "If you want to get it done right you send it to Baxter".

With a growing family in 2008, my brother, myself and our children rode MX bikes for recreation. My bother Danny noticed a need for a better MX bike stand. Through the next year we worked together and designed, built and patented a bike stand that soon received numerous product reviews from Top Professional Teams and Riders. Once hitting the market in 2010 we soon realized that our products exceeded all other MX Stands in overall quality but the industry was content with buying imported junk for half the price.

In a copycat, me-too world that provides an over abundance of "low quality products imported from who knows where", we thought it might be a good idea to start creating top quality American Made products that people do want and that serve a unique purpose. BAXTEK is an American company committed to manufacturing our products here in the USA. We believe in our country and in the ability of Americans to manufacture quality products. Americans are producers and innovators and BAXTEK Fabrication is proud to be doing our part to bring manufacturing jobs back to America.